"Oh Natoma…." Alsoomse’s eyes welled up and she clung her friend to her. It was at that moment where she began to feel the most homesick she had ever been. Her bottom lip trembled threateningly but she tried her best to fight back. The last thing both of them needed was an emotional breakdown between them but perhaps it was inevitable; they needed to let it all out. So she did, the tears beginning to stream as her body wracked in sobs. "I-I miss everyone so much," she whimpered.

Natoma looked up at her best friend and she moved closer to her She nuzzled the girl’s cheek and took in a sharp breath. “We.. we will get through this right? We can be some bad ass women who.. who revolt and lead a revolution. We can be like Joan of Ark for the french revolution.” She whipspered nodding. “We.. we will find Damian and my brother hopefully and everything will be okay yes? You are my chinakfi.”

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Damian burst into laughter. “My parents just wanted my sister and me to be universal so to speak,” he replied. “To be honest, no one on the res calls us ‘Damian’ or ‘Alison’. It’s We’ih’imo and Alsoomse around here and that’s the way I like it.” People outside Indian Country wouldn’t understand, so his parents wanted to allow their kids some flexibility in the outside world. “Did Allie ever tell you that Alison is her technical first name?”

Natoma nodded and smiled. “She did when we irst met but then I just kept calling her Alsoomse or Al.” She said nodding. “I like that name We’ih’imo.” she blushed softly and adjusted herself. “I just.. kind of wish that I had a nicereal Native name.. maybe you  could give me one someday mhm? A name that means something.. represents me?” She asked raising an eyebrow but a smile on her lips.



"Probably for my charm and good looks," he stated, though it was a joke told in a very blunt tone.

"Charming." Natoma said flatly looking out the window. She remained silent and looked at the gun in her lap. Her mind started to replay the look and sound of the gun going off and killing the man.


Who are you

Whats your favorite color

Favorite ship

Favorite ice cream flavor

Do you have a cat or dog

Thank You

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One of the shots got the driver in the chest, making him jerk the wheel and turn away from chasing after them. Andy reached over, grabbing Natoma from hanging out of the car and back sitting in it before he did a quick turn to facing forward and speeding down the street.

NAtoma was trembling ever so slightly but the adraline rushing through her viens made anything and everything seem clear and sharp. She glanced at Andy and took in a shallow breath. “Why are they after you?” She asked in surprisingly calm tone for a girl who just killed a man.


"Took you long enough," he scoffed, handing her the gun before he quickly reversed to get away from being hitting again by their pursuers while facing them.

Natoma growled a bit at his words but quickly ignored them. She was a fair shot but she was better with a bow. She rolled down the window and turned in her seat. She aimed and shot hitting one man in the arm. She was relentless at the moment not caring who or what got hurt.


"Hmm…." Damian hummed thoughtfully. He was unaccustomed to having to describe himself. What did she want to know? "Well, my indigenous name is We’ih’imo," he stated after a moment. "It’s like how Allie’s birth name is Alison but her native name is Alsoomse. She just prefers to go by her tribal name most of the time. I’m older than her by nearly two years. She’s a winter baby but I was born in the summer."

Natoma crinkled her nose when she heard the name Alison. “I see.” She said softly. “I just have Natoma…” SHe said softly and gave a tiny nod. “I do not want a ‘normal’ name. My mother chose my name so that I could represent my tribe and also for white people ot be able to pronounce it.” She teased laughing a bit and tucked some fly away hair.

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"Cold food tastes… uncomfortable. Not the best word to describe it but there you go," Alsoomse replied, unable to help but laugh before she too began eating. Natoma’s cooking was delicious as always so she gobbled it right up. Soon she curled up in her own sleeping bag, scooting closer to her friend’s side and wrapping a supportive arm around her. "I miss home too," she whispered, fighting back her own tears.

Natoma bit her lip and snuggled into Alsoomse. “I.. I just want to sleep in a bed.” She whispered thinking back to her old room with dream catchers and her drawings all over the place. “I want.. Damian.” She whsipered looking at her. “I miss him so much that my heart hurts in my chest. I miss my brother as well.” She whispered trembling now more than ever.

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"Because I am an Assassin AI and they are Templars," he answered plainly before he looked to her. He was about to ask a rather snarky question before his optics noticed movement coming right towards their right side.

A vehicle sped into them, causing them to spin and forced to a stop in the street.

Natoma gasped and looked over at the window that wasn”t damaged. “What the hell?!” Natoma coughed and tried to slow down her breathing but her anxiety was picking up. “Give me a gun.” She insisted looking over at him. “I cannot just be the girl who sits and gets shot at.”


In an attempt to prevent the flow of tears, Alikë responded quickly.
“—It’s alright, Natoma.” He assured her, hastily moving to sit next to her on the rock, should she want further comfort.
“I have nightm– bad dreams, too.”

Natoma turned her body towards him and her doe like eyes widened. “Alike have.. bad dreams?” She asked, relaxing somewhat. She was happy that she was not the only crazy one to have the bad dreams. Her dreams were said to be a message from the Great Spirit and even the bad ones would come true.