“Uhm, water is fine,” Jacob told her as he walked into the small living room, sitting down on the couch. He really didn’t want to accept anything to drink, but he knew he had to be polite. So he would stay and chat with her for a little while, despite what he really wanted to do.

Right as Natoma went into the kitchen, her smile dropped. She moved around and grabbed a glass , filling it with water. She ws only going to be in La Push for a few months and was lucky to even get a small house which made her grateful to Billy Black for helping her out but to her, Jacob seemed like a guy who was a jerk maybe? 
Natoma could tell he didn’t want to be there so she would make it easier for him. She walked over and handed him the water before sitting across from him in a chair she brought from home.

"Survivors have scars. Victims have graves."
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He chuckles a little opening his eyes and glancing over,”Yeah apparently that is easy to see from a mile away and nice to meet ya I suppose I’m Voce.”


"I’m Naotma." The girl said with a smile. "It is rather easy to tell you are new." she nodded as she moved closer to him. "You are going to the school yes?" She asked with a slight tilt. It was different to have a person like him going to the local high school being that it was part of the Choctaw reservation.


Voce was a werewolf and new to the town he’d just moved into and he wasn’t prepared for a runin with anybody from the school yet not till tomorrow and they found him sitting on the ground as he’d put it they saw him and he heard the footsteps coming near to him.

Natoma sat a little bit away from the boy and looked in his direction. “Hello.” she said softly with a small smile. “I.. I am Natoma.” she said as she tucked a piece of black hair behind her ear. “You are new here yes?”

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Natoma walked through the forest as her hand was on her bag. “Well.. here you are.” she said to the stranger who had gotten lost. “You will find the parking lot just a few minutes that way.” She gestured.

*doesn’t reply to threads* *sends you a million ask prompts in order to retain relationships w rp partners*

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If we roleplay:

1. Don’t apologize for being late/slow with replies.

2. Take all of the time you need. Days, weeks, months, doesn’t matter. Don’t put yourself under stress because of such pointless things.

3. Your personal life out of character along with your health are the most important. If you drop a thread/conversation/whatever, it’s alright. Just stay safe and take care.

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