soundofwardrums asked: Natoma casually tapped Connor's shoulder and bit her bottom lip. "Can you help me? I am.. terribly lost." She sighed and looked at her hand drawn map of the area. ((because i can so.. suck it xD))


"What is your destination?"

"I was heading off to class." Natoma said looking around the rather large school. It was bigger then the reservation high school and being that this was her first year to college.. she needed all the help she could get.

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Andy knew that any sort of interactions with civilians during these sorts of tasks was counter-productive and could also lead to him being compromised. However, seeing the familiar face in the crowd of strangers caught his attention for those many seconds before he finally realized that he had lost his target. 

The android cursed lightly, sighing as he rubbed his forehead in self-disappointment.

Natoma had been out and about all day. she was listening to music through her earphones and not really paying much attention. She hummed softly as she waited for the street light to turn red so she could walk to her car which was parked by the college. Humming, the light turned red and Natoma had the right of way, but.. a car did not stop. The car sped faster and faster and it was headed straight for Natoma.


Henri immediately regretted his words once he lowered his eyes to look at the hands between the woman’s legs.


"Fuck", he thought out loud at the sight of blood, pushing his door wide open. "Get in!" Henri vaguely recognized her as he moved the woman towards his couch. "How long have you been pregnant for?" He asked, reaching for one of his med kits.

"20 weeks." Naotma managed to gasp out as the tears were chocking her. She was histerically crying and trying to keep the baby in. "No.. not this one.. not my baby." She sobbed wanting nothing more then for the doctor to help her. "Save my child!" She yelled at him. The words would have been taken by any other person angry and hate filled ut for Natoma, it was the fear of losing the only good thing that had happened in her life.


Alsoomse frowned but said nothing as she gathered the last of her things and followed Natoma. She could navigate through the woods just fine at night if she needed to but it wasn’t something she’d recommend. She remained silent, not wanting to speak out more negative things. Instead she began humming a song her grandmothers both had taught her. Something of her people, calm and relaxing. It worked on calming her down better than any other song.

Natoma had heard the song enough times to be able to hum to it as well. It was always nice to have someone who wasn’t Choctaw as a friend because she could see what they did and sang. She found the spot and sat down her stuff. It was a flat rock that was sturdy enough for a camp sight and it was rather huge. It was still warm from the days sunlight and Naotma knew it would keep it’s warmth through out the night. She listened to the soft sound of the river running and she felt at home.

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"Hmm," Damian hummed quietly, still focused on making the flames grow. "Well, since you’re staying with my family for a while, we can plan a camping trip soon if you want. I mean, if you want. And if you want Allie to come along that’s fine. We can make it a family thing even." He faltered before he started sounding more and more like an idiot. "There we go," he murmured as the flames sprung up fully.

Naotma blushed and tucked a piece of stay hair. “yes.. please.” She whispered looking up at him. She smiled enjoying the warmth from such tiny flames until it took full on growth. “Very good.” she praised him as she handed him a container with the dessert in it. She stared at the flames and felt even more homesick then normal. Tonight would have been the night the stories of old would have been told over bowls of traditional and favorite foods of the tribe.

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Henri wasn’t a good guy—that was the first conclusion anyone ever made after spending ten minutes with the guy. He didn’t care about people’s feelings, he never sugarcoated his truths and he was never too afraid to let anyone know he thought they were unintelligent. How? he wondered — How — after the amount of effort he put into being as cold and unfriendly as possible — could someone knock at his door in the middle of the night? Who would’ve ignored all the signs with so much passion they’d go to him after hours when he’d rather leave them at his porch for the entire night? The questions prompted him to answer his front door, more out of morbid curiosity than anything else, and he groaned and rolled his eyes when he left his bed to cross the house and meet the stranger.

"You have the face to knock on my door at two in the morning? This better be an emergency."


Natoma had known about Henri just form the times she watched unlock his door and walk in when she was outside fixing something usually. Tonight though.. was different. She was hunched over and her hands between her legs. “Help me.” she gasped and moved them. Blood covered them and she felt faint. “Help me please.” She gasped wanting nothing more then for him to save her unborn child. “Save it.. save me please.” She was a single girl who had someone once.. but left when they found out she was pregnant. 
Natoma didn’t have much money but she knew.. this man was a doctor of some kind and she needed one that instant.


"This way." Natoma said walking through the apartment. "You would get that room and of course we would share the kitchen. You get a bathroom to yourself." She said nodding and turning on her heels to look over at the person who wanted to rent the apartment. "We would share the burden of paying off the landlord." She said with a slight smile.

"It’s.. been hard." Natoma said shifting her weight on her feet and looked at her former boss. "I just.. I need a job again and his place… was home to me." She whispered letting her fingertips tug at the ends of her shirt awkwardly. "It can only be temporary if you .. want it to be." She said almost begging.

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